($35) Buy a T-Shirt and save a life For a minimum donation of $35 you will receive the 100wells T-shirt or bracelet which will provide clean water for a grateful individual for their entire lifetime. View Our Store


($15,000) Gather your community to serve their community Our communities can make a difference. Gather together individuals you know and raise $15,000 for the purpose of providing clean water! Learn More

Get a T-Shirt

Buy a T-Shirt and save a life

Wear it, Share it! Buying the shirt provides a grateful person with a lifetime supply of clean water. Wearing the shirt opens opportunities to share the 100 Wells Campaign with others. Either way, you are providing clean water for people who have never had it before. More clean water for more people.

Get a T-shirt ($35)

Get a Bracelet

Buy a bracelet and save a life

The 100 Wells bead bracelet is a symbol of clean water. By purchasing this beautiful piece of jewelry, you provide an individual in Jaac with clean water for their entire lifetime. Buy a bracelet, save a life. An excellent gift idea!

Get a Bracelet ($35)

Your Community Serving Theirs

Your community, serving theirs

Imagine how difficult your life would suddenly be if your community lost access to clean water. How would you shower, cook, or flush your toilets? What would you drink? This basic necessity we take for granted in our homes, schools, businesses, and churches simply doesn’t exist for tens of thousands in Jaac.

But that can change. Your community can make a difference for theirs. $15,000 will entirely fund construction of a clean water well in Jaac, Sudan–a well that will serve 1,000 people for a lifetime. Your church, business, school or community group can have a tremendous and lasting impact. Get your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, or youth group involved in the 100 Wells Campaign, and together raise the funds to provide a lifetime of clean water for an entire refugee community. Click on the “receive packet” link if you are ready to use your community to serve theirs.

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