Buy a T-Shirt

Purchase a 100 wells T-shirt and help provide an individual in Sudan with safe water…for a lifetime.

Wear it, Share it!  Your $35 donation represents the cost of providing a grateful person with a lifetime supply of clean, safe water in Sudan and South Sudan.  Wearing the shirt opens opportunities to share the 100 Wells Campaign with others. Either way, you are helping to provide life-saving Safe Water to people who desperately need it.

Buy the Shirt  = A Lifetime of Clean Water for Someone
Wear the Shirt = Raise Awareness = More Clean Water For More People

Buy a Bracelet

The 100 Wells glass bead bracelet is a symbol of safe, clean water.  Your $35 donation represents the cost of providing an individual in Sudan and South Sudan with clean water for their entire lifetime. Buy a bracelet, help save a life. An excellent gift idea.